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Our carefully crafted packages ensure we have something for different WordPress needs. All our packages come with fully customized optimizations, performance tweaks, security hardening and are hosted on our leading edge cloud infrastructure.

Hyper Optimized Hosting

Hosting + Optimization

$45 /Month

  • 10 GB Disk
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • 90 Days of Off-Site Backups
  • Real-Time Uptime Monitoring
  • Core, Theme & Plugins Updates
  • Daily Security Scans for Malware
  • Hack Promise
  • High Performance CDN
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Monthly Report w/ Your Logo
  • Free Wordpress Migration
  • Free Development Staging Enviro.
  • Try Before You Buy via Staging Enviro.
  • Guaranteed 90+ GTMetrix Scores
  • Websites/Servers Strategically Placed Close to Clients Location
  • Minimalistic Stack based on our recipe of Nginx, Percona MySQL, Server Level Caching and Front-end WordPress Cache

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know we are crazy for offering unlimited edits but we also think its crazy that you have to pay full rate to make very simple changes inside of WordPress. What are these simple changes? Things like making edits to content, uploading a plugin and making minor CSS adjustments. What is not simple? Things that require custom development, designing (or redesigning) a graphic, creating any new content or building a new website.

Below we have listed out things that would be included and things that are not included in our unlimited edits:

  • Taking your text changes you provide us and putting them into your page
  • Installing the plugin you send us
  • Creating a bulleted list on a page inside of WordPress
  • Changing out your address, phone, or email on your contact page

Not Included

  • Creating new content for your site
  • Editing an image or graphic
  • Writing custom code to get a plugin or some new functionality on the site. (We can create custom quote to do this for you)
  • We’ll work with anybody regardless of their hosting provider. We understand that different websites have different needs and that people have realistic budgets that they have to meet.

    One thing to note, we may not always be able to improve the speed of your site if you are on a shared server due to the fact that the resources can be limited or it is not optimized for WordPress. If this is the case we can recommend you upgrade at your current host (and we can point you to the correct plan) or we can host the site for you. We host 350+ WordPress websites on our blazing fast WordPress servers optimized for WordPress (look at our First Time To Byte). We also offer free migration service so you have nothing to worry about.

    If we recommend that you move servers and can not increase the speed yours speed we will give you 3 months free of managed support.

    We reviewed 42 different hosting providers and finally found one that was able to meet our WordPress hosting speed requirements. We expect the server to be able to process the first WordPress connection very quickly - under 200 milliseconds. You can check this by running your website through gtmetrix.com and looking at the waterfall and seeing the first line and how long it takes. A lot of hosting providers will tell you it's your code or some other reason why your first time to byte is so slow. This is completely wrong. The main reason usually is their server setup. We are running a very quick server that is loaded with Nginx and using litespeed (for those that are technical). This is far faster than Apache (trust me, I tested it) which is what most servers are running. If your WordPress sites first time to byte is not under 200milliseconds then your server is not optimized for WordPress.

    Yup! Just sign up for one of our managedwp plans (or if you would like for us to host your site we can do that as well!) and we will have your site cleaned immediately.

    Sales - M-F - 7am - 7pm MST
    Chat - 24/7
    Email - 24/7

    If you have an issue outside of 7am - 7pm MST and do not wish to chat with our team please email support@thewphelp.comt and our team will address the issue ASAP. Our team is located all throughout the world so we can respond and address any server issues at any time, yes even at 2am in the morning.

    If you sign up for services outside of our sales hours our team will address your request the next morning.

    We pride ourselves on being responsive. We usually reply within 15-20 minutes. During certain days/times it could be a bit longer than that.

    Once we have a ticket and understand the issue we will let you know when we think it will be completed by.

    We sure do! Just let us know the details of your project and we will give you a quote on how much time it will take. Once you agree, we move forward.

    We also have monthly WordPress development plans available for ongoing work.

    All you have to do is select one of our plans and fill out the required information. Once submitted you will receive an onboarding email that will tell you exact next steps for your plan. We will using have you fully implemented in 24-48 hours.

    For us to optimize the site, so once we are able to login into the WordPress backend we can begin that process. This process can take 24-48 hours as well.

    There are a number of steps we perform to secure your site.

    • Change Login URL - One of the first things we will do is change your login URL to make sure hackers can not just sit and guess your login information.
    • Daily Malware Scan - We will scan your site daily for malware and if we find anything we will fix it immediately for free.
    • Daily Database Optimization - We will perform daily cleaning of your database to keep your site running at top speed
    • Updates 3 Times a Week - Core, Theme & Plugin Updates - If there is an update available for your core, theme and plugins we will get these updated & implemented.
    • Manage Inactive Plugins - We will review your inactive plugins and remove those that you are not actively using
    • SSL - If you are hosting with us we will provide a free SSL for your site.
    • DNS Change Alerts - We can your website daily for any DNS changes which could cause downtime
    • Comment Spam Filtering - We will clean out your junk comments and keep your WordPress site database clean

    These days unless you’re a business owner that has zero interest in increasing sales and growing your business and brand, you have to have a website. Unlike the heyday of the ‘dot-com boom,’ building a website is no longer extremely costly and difficult. The total ‘startup’ price can range from just a couple hundred bucks to a few thousand, depending on your aspirations and desires, but with so many low priced options, there’s really no excuse to put it off any longer.

    Gone are the days of having to know how to code or design.

    Two large advantages of having a website are that it’s one of the best means of free advertising and your eCommerce store is not restricted to business hours. When your website is optimized correctly and placed within the pertinent search engine results, potential customers can find your location simply by happenstance. Not everyone shops at the same time, in fact, you may find that a good portion of your sales is overnight or during ‘off business’ hours.

    Other than those two main reasons, there are a few more that you should consider. So, continue reading to learn more.


    It Provides Validation

    90% of consumers state that online reviews have an influence on their buying decisions. While you could simply rely on Yelp and other review sites to provide reviews for your company, you can accomplish this much more effectively on your company’s actual website. Including actual customer testimonials on your website is a great way to sway potential buyers.


    These Days, It’s Expected

    60% of consumers expect companies to provide online content about their services and more than half of them immediately head directly to the company’s website for product and service information. If your company doesn’t have a website, or it’s difficult to find, today’s customers will very likely look elsewhere.


    Your Competitors Have One

    Once a consumer has an idea of what they want or need, they start researching. Over 70% of them go online to find reviews, testimonials, and educational material and if you’re not staying competitive with those in your market or industry, you’re giving potential customers a reason to buy from another company. Not having a website is comparable to not listing your business in the yellow pages a few short decades ago, or even not placing your company name on your storefront. It just doesn’t make sense.


    Google Validation

    While your company name may show up in Google due to Yelp or other reviews, you should take into consideration that 81% of consumers complete online research before making a purchase. This means that they go to Google and type in one or more keywords, like “jewelry repair near me” or “custom catering in San Jose.”

    If your company doesn’t have a website, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) is next to zilch. However, if you have a site you can perform search engine optimization (SEO) and increase your chances of appearing at or near the top of Google’s results - gaining more visibility and hopefully more potential customers. Without a website, it is highly unlikely that you will even show up on review apps and websites.

    When your business website not only shows up during relevant keyword searches but it also shows at or near the top of results on Google, you tend to gain more validity in the minds of many consumers. Following through on finally creating that professional company website can not only increase your online sales, it can even drive more foot traffic to your physical location.


    How Hard Is It To Build a Business Website?

    In this current day and age, creating a website from scratch is easier than ever. Gone are the days of having to know a programming or coding language and you no longer have to earmark a portion of your budget for software. With just a little bit of research and dedication, even the most novice of internet users can design a decent website.

    Adding eCommerce and other features can require a bit more knowledge or deeper research, but making your initial foray into having a web presence is no longer the restrictive beast it once was. With Content Management Systems (CMS) like the open-source and free WordPress, you have the ability to control the layout and content with striking ease.


    What is WordPress?

    Designed to help you display and organize the content on your website, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is completely free to download and use. With WordPress, you are able to manage how everything appears on your website - every image, every table and everything else. With no coding knowledge required, the user-friendly interface of WordPress makes website development a snap.


    What Does The WP Help Offer?

    When it comes to remote web hosting, we know that there are a lot of choices available. However, at The WP Help we strive to provide you with a turnkey solution to your business website needs. Whether you need step-by-step assistance from the word go, want someone to provide managed WordPress hosting or just need some web space to call home, The WP Help has the hosting package for you. Contact us today to find out just how affordable a professional business website can really be.

    Call us right now, your customers are waiting!

    We have all heard of various hacking incidents that have hit major corporations around the world. These million dollar companies certainly have a lot to lose when it comes to the loss of security customers may feel when they are hacked. Secure hosting is important. Your online business may not be a mega-million corporation yet, but that doesn't make hacking unlikely.

    Why Sites Are Attacked

    There are plenty of reasons why a hacker may target a website. The three most popular reasons, however, are financial gain, challenges, and hacktivisim.

    Financial gain is one of the leading factors when it comes to hacking. First and foremost, there is the most obvious way to profit from attacking your website: pilfering credit card numbers and personal information from your customers or you. For example, the 2008 Heartland Payment Systems hacking event exposed 134 million credit cards to a spyware that was only caught once Visa and MasterCard notified the company of hundreds of suspicious transactions. However, this is not the only way a hacker can profit from attacking your site. If you or your WordPress hosting provider does not maintain an up-to-date backup copy of your website, a hacker can pull a copy, deface of destroy it, and then demand money from you to restore it. A hacker may also be paid by a third party to corrupt, destroy, or damage your website for no other reason than it furthers the third party’s agenda. For example, if you promote a product or blog about a certain topic, a third-party opponent may pay a hacker to attack your site (and others like it) in an attempt to minimize exposure of those products or topics to the public.

    Other hackers simply enjoy a challenge. These types of attacks tend to be wildcards. They can be done because a hacker is bored or curious. They may also hack your WordPress website because they are looking for bragging rights or to win a simple bet amongst colleagues.

    “Hacktivism” is a term used to reference attacked based on a type of “-ism”. For example, religion, nationalism, human rights, anti-globalism, racism, sexism, and other such divisions has been known to lead to hacktivism activities. Often, these hacking attempts are focused primarily on defacing your website or stealing personal information. Hackers may then share this personal information publically, shaming your clients and destroying your credibility. The 2016 WikiLeaks attack that leaked emails from the Clinton campaign is a hacktivism example.

    What Happens in a “Hack”?

    Before we discuss what happens during a hack, we want to make it clear that regardless of your type of website, a hack is always possible. Websites of all types have been known to suffer from an attack by a hacker. Whether you are selling products online or simply blogging about your healthy lifestyle, a hack is always possible.

    When someone hacks your website, there are plenty of varying ways in which they can do so. As stated above, they can pull a copy of your website, damage the code or alter your message and demand money to correct it. They can lock you out of your own WordPress website, preventing you from accessing it. They may deface your website or even hide a contradicting message within your pages to damage your credibility. They can distribute private information to the public, causing your clients or associates to lose faith in your brand.

    What Is Secure Hosting?

    Secure WordPress hosting is one of the primary barriers that help keep hackers from being able to damage your website. Today’s secure hosting includes a combination of secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) encryptions and secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate validations. This two-factor authentication process helps secure WordPress hosting efforts by establishing an interior dialogue that will help your server verify the identity of the user.

    At The WP Help, we understand how critical secure WordPress hosting is to your business, blog, or hobby site. Because of this, we take all our clients’ WordPress hosting responsibilities seriously. Our WordPress hosting support is available at all times, night or day. While we offer live, unlimited 30-minute professional support, our security packages go beyond that. Our secure support service packages all include 90 days of off-site backups, real time monitoring, daily security scans, and much more.

    We understand that each business and blog is unique. Our flexible WordPress hosting packages allow you to grow your business. In addition to our secure packages, we offer managed WordPress hosting that provides you with easy to use apps and widgets, a user-friendly dashboard, live support and Lorem ipsum services.

    Hacking attacks are never predictable. Once they occur, it is hard for any business to recover from. Even if they did not financially drain your accounts, a single hacking event can destroy your clients’ confidence in your company.

    If you want to learn more about how The WP Help can help you discourage and prevent hackers from accessing your WordPress site, contact us today.

    Are you trying to set up a web hosting service? Alternatively, are you trying to enhance your current tech support service by adding quality web hosting capabilities to your portfolio? If you are, The WP Help can help with white label web hosting.

    Welcome to the world of white label web hosting. A versatile type of service that helps your brand profit while a white label hosting partner, like The WP Help, does the work without taking the credit. Have we peaked your curiosity? Keep reading to find out how The WP Help can provide white label hosting to enhance your service portfolio.

    What is a Reseller?

    White label web hosting is often referred to as reseller hosting. When you enter into a white label hosting partnership, you are able to resell the hosting services provided by your white label partner. In other words, you are able to market your white label partner’s servers, bandwidth, and services as if they are your own. This allows you, the reseller, to claim ownership over the services being provided.

    If you are new to hosting, unable to provide the quality of service you would like due to limited knowledge, affordability, or other reason, or just want to focus your attention on other aspects of your business, a white label web hosting partner can fill in the gaps.

    How Does It Work?

    A white label hosting partnership may sound too good to be true, but it is actually quite popular. A white label partner works behind the scenes, using non-branded support, that allows you to take full credit for the quality and professional services they provide. Depending on your white label web hosting agreement, you can capitalize on services while minimizing expenditures on things like staffing, equipment, overhead, and more.

    When you partner with The WP Help, for example, you are able to market our knowledgeable customer service support staff, exemplary managed WordPress hosting packages, and ever-popular security features as your own. Since our packages are affordably priced, this allows you plenty of ceiling to increase your profit margin and service portfolio without breaking the bank.

    How do we keep our services non-branded when we provide live tech support to all of our clients? Whether we are contacted via telephone, chat, or email, our support staff keep our greetings generic. Since our live support answers calls anytime, you and your clients benefit from instant and knowledgeable support.

    In addition to this, The WP Help can help give you a competitive advantage over other web hosting providers. With our fast single-state driver (SSD) servers, cloud technology and money back guarantee – you can rest assured our white label web hosting services are beyond that of the average host partner.

    Because The WP Help expressly specializes in WordPress webpages, our staff are uniquely qualified to provide professional assistance to this widely popular website development tool. Through a white label hosting partnership with The WP Help, you are able to offer our simple to use apps and widgets, dashboard feature, live WordPress support and Lorem ipsum to your clients as well. Our flexible packages can also support your customers’ potential growth.

    Beyond our white label web hosting services, however, we can also help enhance your security portfolio. Through our specialized secure packages, we are able to offer unlimited 30-minute professional support, off-site backups, real-time monitoring and daily malware scans. This means you are able to offer these security services too, without having to recruit a security specialist of your own.

    How Do I Get Started?

    The benefits of white label hosting make it a partnership worth considering. The quality web hosting services and capabilities of a white label partner, like The WP Help, means you can expand your service portfolio without having to hire the professional staff required to do so. It also helps to improve your customer retention. With a top-notch white label hosting partnership, you are able to build long-term customer relationships based on the excellent support you are able to provide via your partner.

    Our staff is passionate about the WordPress hosting and services we provide. Whether we get the credit or not, making our clients happy and helping them better their WordPress performance and hosting capabilities matters more. We understand the importance of non-brand representation with our white label hosting partners too and strive to ensure The WP Help does not disappoint you or your customers.

    We have hunted down a team of highly skilled professionals who are capable of providing the type of support WordPress website owners need. From the individual to complex agencies with more than 30 websites to support, The WP Help can handle all of your white label hosting requirements. If you are interested in learning more about white label web hosting partnerships with The WP Help, contact us today.

    When you run an internet-based business or blog, the website’s speed is more important than you realize. At The WP Help, we strive to provide you with remote web hosting services that help you grow. Before you consider additional features, however, having a better understanding of why your website’s speed is important. After all, if it can negatively affect your business, it is something worth considering.

    Slow & Steady Doesn’t Always Win the Race

    Training for a marathon often starts with small steps. Slow and steady may be a great motto when it comes to running a marathon, but not necessarily when we are talking about website load times.

    In today’s society, there is not hiding the fact that we want it all, and we want it right away. Whether it is fast food or quick deliveries, customers like to receive their goods as quickly as possible. In fact, the faster you deliver, the happier they will be. This includes providing instant access to your online wares.

    In the world of internet-based businesses and blogs, every second it takes your webpage to load affects whether or not a customer buys from you. In fact, 47% of all consumersexpect a webpage to load in 2 seconds, if not less. If a webpage takes over 3 seconds to load, 40% of potential customers will abandon the attempt. When a website performs poorly, approximately 79% of shoppers are less likely to return. Of those who online shop,44% will share poor experiences with a webpage with others.

    Bloggers, this applies to you too! Conversations, while important to businesses too, are a bloggers measurement of influence. In other words, your blogs are not just a one-way conversation. Feedback, comments, and other conversations help increase the dialogue and popularity of your blog. A one-second delay in load time, however, can lead to a 7% reduction in those vital conversations.

    Why Hosting Speed Matters

    When it comes to your business, hosting speed matters. Today’s internet customers expect quickly loading pages, smooth transitions between pages, and easy navigation. Much of this relies on the hosting speed offered by whomever you choose to associate your page with. (At The WP Help, we understand how important this is to your business!)

    You may feel that your website’s products are the first impression you make, but you would be mistaken. The very first impression your website makes is based entirely on its loading speed. It improves user experiences, increases the potential for conversations, and satisfies loading expectations. This means a quick loading website can help you to retain customers, impress potential clients, and earn conversations that increase your traffic.

    Over time, continued slow website speeds will discourage even your most steadfast customers from returning. Slow speeds are often associated with businesses that are meeting professional expectations. This can prevent customers from referring your site to other potential clients, stop established websites from providing backlinks to your content, and inhibit individuals from signing up for your newsletter! When this type of issue arises, it can also lead to a decrease in your Google rank. After all, Google has already announced to the world that it wants to make the whole internet faster, simple to use, and easy to access. If nothing else, complying with this goal can only help to increase your user-friendly approach and enhance Google’s overall goal.

    High Speed & Reliable WordPress Hosting

    Statistics have proven how important your business’s website speed is. Inferior web hosting support can damage your online business. However, if you choose remote web hosting with The WP Help, you never have to worry about speed slowing down your growth.

    The WordPress support solutions offered by The WP Help are beyond exemplary. Our web hosting support solutions are tailored to support every type of online business or blog. Each of our support packages include fast solid-state driver (SSD) servers and cloud technology. So not only are your load times as fast as possible, but we are able to backup and restore your website at any time. This means we not only offer speed that can give you a competitive advantage, but also the ability to quickly address any issues that should pop up.

    Not only do we offer high speed and reliable remote web hosting, but also we provide the security your customers expect. This includes professional support, real-time monitoring, daily malware security scans and much more.

    You want to run a professional, quality business. As such, you need a remote web hosting service that strives to provide you with the very features that can help you achieve this. The WP Help can help ensure slow loading speeds no longer affect whether you make a sale or not.

    Contact us today to find out more about how The WP Help can help you expand your online business.

    Security is at the forefront of almost every consumer’s mind when determining where they will make online purchases, and it should be at the top of every business’ mission as well. By adding an SSL certificate to your domain, Secure Hosting allows your site to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol. This protocol encrypts the data transmitted between your website and a visitor's web browser, as well as vise verse. Generally this protocol is used on eCommerce websites that sell products/services on their sites and of course, the reason for the increased security is to protect the privacy of a customer's personal, confidential, financial, and billing information when making a transaction.

    Cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses and trends are showing a huge increase in breached data and hacks from sources that are increasingly common in the workplace, such as mobile devices. Additionally, recent research indicates that most companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place, making them vulnerable to data breaches and loss.

    According to statistics from 2017, there are over 130 ‘large scale’ breaches in the U.S. every year, and that number was reported to be growing by 27% every year. 31% of organizations have experienced cyber attacks on operational technology infrastructure and at least 100,000 groups in 150 countries, more than 400,000 systems in all, were infected by the Wannacry virus in 2017, with a total cost of an estimated $4 billion. That same year 412,000,000 user accounts were stolen from Friendfinder’s site and the Equifax Breach affected 147,900,000 consumers and attacks involving crypto-jacking increased by 8,500% in 2017.

    Now it should also be noted that adding an SSL certificate to your domain does not mean all traffic is necessarily encrypted. Nor does it mean that your website is immune from possible attacks. Whether your customer interaction is encrypted or not depends entirely on which ‘protocol’ that either you or your customers use. This protocol is determined by the URL - e.g. traffic directed to http://www.MyPlace.com is not encrypted so any sub-directory that they access while using HTTP in the URL is also not encrypted. However, traffic that uses HTTPS://www.MyPlace.com is encrypted, as well as any sub-directory they access.


    Your WordPress WebSite Is Only As Secure As Your Password

    While you may not think that your site has anything worth being hacked for, you have to understand that websites just like yours are compromised all the time. The majority of website ‘hacks’ or security breaches are not to steal your data or destroy your website layout, but instead, these days attempts are aimed at using your server, the web host, as an email relay for spam. Other nefarious deeds include setting up a temporary web server to share illegal files, configure your server to work as part of a botnet or to mine for cryptocurrencies. And of course, there’s always the ugly ransomware that rears its nasty head ever so often.

    Pretty much everyone knows they should use uncommon, complex passwords, but that doesn’t mean that they always do. In fact, many people still utilize passwords for their business websites that are personal to them, yet easily cracked with a little research or phishing. It is crucial to use strong passwords to your server and WordPress admin area, but equally as important to direct your users to utilize ‘best practice’ advice for their passwords in order to protect the integrity of their accounts.


    Advantages of Secure Hosting

    You can design your website so that your customers use the HTTPS protocol when things should be encrypted, such as purchases with credit card and personal information. Otherwise, you can simply choose to use HTTP for everything else such as the ‘About Us,’ your sales catalog and other informative pages. Boiled down, it simply means that you can specify what gets encrypted by choosing which protocol to use in the URL links.


    Choose Secure WordPress Hosting

    While there is no ‘perfect’ solution for keeping your website secure, web hosting companies that offer ‘free’ WordPress hosting typically do not provide any sort of secure hosting. A good website host will back up your data to a remote server, making it easy to restore your website in the event of an attack or hack, and they’ll assist you with technical support, maintenance and security issues 24 hours a day.

    That’s exactly what we provide at The WP Help - secure hosting, remote backups, and 24-hour technical support. And we go one step further - we CARE! We believe that having a professional website should be easy and that if and when times get tough or confusing, there is expert support available - and that’s what we provide. At The WP Help we take pride in our product knowledge and strive for 100% satisfaction on all support calls. There are no silly questions. No support agent will talk down to you or make you feel stupid for calling. That’s what we’re here for! We will provide you with the tools, resources, hosting and support that you need in order to maintain that professional business website that you’ve desired for so long!

    A call to The WP Help today can get you secure web hosting for your small business website for as little as $100 a month. Got bigger needs? For less than $250 a month you get:

    • Unlimited 30-minutes-or-less tasks, meaning we’ll answer your questions about anything regarding your WordPress site
    • Up to 2 hours of WordPress Pro Support
    • 90-days of Off-Site Backups
    • Real-Time Uptime Monitoring
    • Daily Malware Security Scans
    • WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

    Want to let someone else do the work? At The WP Help, we also offer Managed WordPress Hosting! For just $500 a month we provide the above features as well as the following:

    • Clean & Easy To Use App
    • Simple Widget Generator
    • Neat Dashboard With Settings
    • Helpful Live 24/7 Support
    • Transparent Pricing Structure
    • And Much More

    Contact The WP Help right NOW - your customers are waiting!!

    Once you have made the firm decision to move forward with creating your business website and decided on your domain name, choosing a host is possibly the single most important selection that you have to make. Failure to do a little homework or rushing into an agreement with too many unknowns can very well cost you dearly in the end. Speed, support, and security are the three most important aspects of any host but this is especially true for your eCommerce based website.


    Web Hosting Made Easy

    A simple web search will reveal numerous companies that provide free hosting, especially for WordPress users. The appeal of ‘free’ is often enough to entice aspiring ‘webmasters’ but if you actually look into the current customers of these services, you’ll likely find that many of them recommend avoiding free offers altogether.

    With ‘free web hosting’ you’re not going to have security, speed or support. Those features are almost always only available with either the purchase of expensive packages or as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ type of service that you’re likely not going to be able to access when you need it most. Meaning that during an outage it is kind of hard, not to mention frustrating, to try and add paid features to your free account.

    So while WordPress is open source and free for everyone to download and utilize, the mass majority of those on both sides of the web hosting world agree that you do not want to use a free hosting service for your business website.

    Available in a wide range of prices, web hosting services range from a few bucks a month to thousands of dollars. If you're just getting your small business going, you’ll likely do fine with a virtual private server, cloud, or managed service with prices ranging from $10 - $100 per month. If you have a larger business and expect higher web traffic or plan to have a large catalog, then you are going to pay a bit more.

    How much support are you likely to need? If you’re brand new to website development and/or WordPress, you may well need a lot of hand-holding, especially in the beginning. Basic customer service provides access to email, ticket and phone support but you’ll find that turnaround time on requests will vary greatly. The major downside to non-managed services is that while your provider may answer questions about basic configuration, they won't be your systems manager.

    If you want a ‘hands off’ type of setup where you can delegate the management of your site to someone else completely, then you want managed service. Companies like The WP Help provide managed services that monitoring security and any issues, ensure that your system is configured properly for your traffic needs, and manage backups ad well as patch your software as needed - among a multitude of additional tasks.


    The Best of Both Worlds - Managed WordPress Hosting

    The WP Help provides customer service and technical support for your WordPress hosted site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With WordPress, you have the freedom to create the business website that you desire. With The WP Help, you have the support to ensure that it runs smoothly, stays online and processes your transactions with security first and foremost in mind. Calling us TODAY means you can have your website as soon as TODAY! That’s how simple it really is!

    With Managed WordPress Hosting from The WP Help, for just $500 a month you get access to a TON of features:

    • Unlimited 30-min-or-less tasks, meaning we’ll answer your questions about anything regarding your WordPress site
    • Up to 2 hours of WordPress Pro Support
    • 90-days of Off-Site Backups
    • Real-Time Uptime Monitoring
    • Daily Malware Security Scans
    • WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
    • Clean & Easy To Use App
    • Simple Widget Generator
    • Neat Dashboard With Settings
    • Helpful Live 24/7 Support
    • Transparent Pricing Structure
    • And Much More

    Visit our website for more details or call us NOW to get started. Your customers deserve a brand that they can trust and depend on. You deserve a host that treats your brand right! Contact The WP Help and get the website you’ve always envisioned. WordPress was made for websites just like yours and The WP Help was created for business owners like you! We will strive to rekindle your faith in customer service and technical support and make you a WordPress fan for life.

    Stop letting money pass you by! More and more customers are using eCommerce to complete their purchases and having a professional company website is pretty much a no-brainer in our modern technology-driven market. Whether you need just simple and secure hosting or full on managed services, The WP Help is the solution you need.

    If you are reading this then chances are good that you’re seriously considering starting a website for your company or side business - but you’re hesitant because of price, time involved, and the complexity of the whole thing. However, this isn’t your Daddy’s interwebs! Setting up a new website is easier and more affordable than ever, primarily if you use WordPress to set it up!


    Okay, What Is WordPress?

    Designed to help you display and organize the content on your website to your liking, WordPress is a content management system (CMS). With WordPress, you can manage everything that appears on your site - from the header with your business name to the footer with your contact information and everything in-between. There’s no requirement to know coding languages or how to make tables, the user-friendly interface of WordPress makes website development a breeze.


    Best Reasons For Selecting WordPress for Your Business Website

    To reach your target market these days, a website is a must-have! If you’re not a ‘tech-savvy’ type of person, it may seem daunting, confusing and frustrating if you make an attempt at a DIY site, and some company’s prices can scare off almost anyone that looks into hiring someone to develop the website. WordPress negates both of those aspects and here are 6 more reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website.


    1. WordPress is Free - Of course free is always good when you’re operating with a small-business budget. While you’ll likely still need to pay for web hosting and you may want to purchase themes instead of utilizing one of the freebies, but the WordPress download itself costs absolutely nothing.
    2. Ease of Use - It is VERY easy to get a basic site running and looking respectable. If you want to create content that is a little more complex, you may have to do some reading or perusing the support forums, but generally, it is quite quick and easy to have an informative website within just minutes with WordPress.
    3. Not Cookie-Cutter - You aren’t restricted to specific layouts or themes -  Because it is ‘open source,’ developers are always finding ways to improve WordPress, and there are thousands of themes to choose from, and it has a lot of versatility that gives you full flexibility to make your site uniquely you. WordPress has a very rich text editor that supports easy insertion of images, video, and even and you can insert any media files into your content with a single click...
    4. WordPress Takes Security Seriously - It is straightforward to keep your site’s software up to date, which is critical to keeping data thieves and hackers out of your website.
    5. Stand Out to The Search Engines - Structured to be easy for search engine crawlers to navigate, designing your site with WordPress means that it will perform better in search results, especially if you add one of the available SEO plugins.
    6. It Gets Better With Age - Being a large and active community, WordPress continues to evolve, improving its features and interface and with every new version, WordPress enhances its system.

    Building a professional looking business website has been made immeasurably simpler with WordPress. Gone are the days of template-lacking options or being pigeonholed into design restrictions that complete control the layout of your site. No more spending time worrying about the security of your customer’s transactions. WordPress makes it simple and secure and The WP Help makes it all stress-free.

    You’ve taken the first step in making your business website dreams a reality, started researching your options. Secure website hosting and utilizing WordPress is by far the most popular and viable choice in today’s market. You can either spend a few short hours learning your way around the WordPress interface or opt for managed services and merely direct the structure of your content.

    At The WP Help we provide secure WordPress hosting for your site, AND we give you expert WordPress support when you need it. No waiting on a support email to be answered the next day. No sitting in a chat queue for hours on end while your business suffers. No matter what time of day or night, if you run into an issue and you need help, our WordPress tech support team will gladly assist. We are available every single day of the year, 24 hours a day. So whether it’s the morning of Black Friday or the day of your big Midnight Sale, The WP Help is just a simple call away.

    Contact The WP Help right now so that we can help you get your business website up and running faster and looking more professional than you ever thought possible. With The WP Help, everyone's a WebMaster.

    If you already have a WordPress site and you haven’t noticed a change with things yet, you will soon. The WordPress update 4.9.8 official release is out and brings with it a new prompt, a few fixes, and a few other enhancements and blessed tasks, including updating the Twenty Seventeen bundled theme. This is by far the most anticipated WordPress release of the year, simply because of that new prompt, but it’s going to be up to you to determine if it lives up to the hype.


    The Elephant in the Room - Gutenberg

    The addition of the “Try Gutenberg” callout on your dashboard will likely catch your attention first and foremost. This callout is an attempt to get more WordPress users to read more about the new Gutenberg block editor and help with testing.

    We really suggest that you attempt to learn more about it at the very least. Gutenberg will soon be merged with WordPress core with the upcoming WordPress 5.0 update and if you aren’t prepared, it could throw you for a loop initially. Take the time to check your themes and plugins for compatibility and prepare yourself for this eventuality. Gutenberg is coming and it’s generating quite a bit of excitement.


    If you don’t see the callout yet, don’t worry. The following users will be shown the callout in WordPress 4.9.8:

    • If the Classic Editor plugin is installed and activated, the callout is hidden from all users.
    • If Gutenberg is installed and activated, the callout is shown to Contributor users and above only.
    • If Gutenberg is not installed or activated, the callout is shown to Admin users on single sites, and Super Admin users on multi-sites.


    Atomic Blocks WordPress Theme & Plugin

    Array is a developer that has eagerly jumped into the Gutenberg fray by releasing Atomic Books - a new free theme developed by them specifically to work with Gutenberg and is one of the first of its kind. A minimalist blogging theme that features full-screen photos, videos, and galleries with an overall modern design along with fancy blocks that are available in a choice of styles: testimonial, accordion, list, grid, notice/message, author profile, sharing icons, customizable button, and drop cap. What you’ll see in your admin page is exactly what you’ll see when you hit publish.


    Other Changes So Far With WordPress 4.9.8

    While the “Try Gutenberg” callout is the feature the mass majority of us have been waiting for, there are a few other changes designed to improve our WordPress lives in one fashion or another.

    • 46 Bug Fixes
    • 18 Privacy Fixes
    • Gutenberg header wrapping over text below on narrow screens
    • Minor tweaks to the Gutenberg callout formatting
    • Bumped version number of Bundled Themes and update changelog in Twenty Seventeen
    • Fixed the level 2 bulleted lists nested under numbered lists to show bullets instead of numbers
    • Commenter cookie consent message is no longer displayed if the cookie action isn’t hooked
    • And much more.


    Even Gutenberg Got a Recent Update

    On July 20th, Version 3.3 of Gutenberg was released. Most of the changes were geared toward refining the experience and empowering the API surface, but new server-rendered blocks were added to the library as well. A few of the there changes were:


    • Transformation of the file block to image block (and vice-versa).
    • Video block attributes for Autoplay, Loop, Controls, Muted.
    • ‘Convert to blocks’ option in HTML block.
    • ‘Archives’ block for displaying site archives.
    • New ‘Latest Comments’ block to widgets category.


    Security, Support & Backup

    That’s just a few of the perks that you get when you partner with us for your WordPress website hosting. With several affordable packages available, The WP Help has the hosting option that’s right for you, with the features that you and your business need in order to thrive and grow.

    We offer everything from basic hosting to managed WordPress hosting options and there are no hidden costs. You pay a single fee and you get access to WordPress Support, 90-day off-site data backups, daily malware scans, real-time uptime monitoring, automatic core and plugin updates, e-commerce support, and much more.

    Visit our website right now to find out how you can have affordable and secure WordPress hosting along with support from WordPress experts that truly want to help you properly. Whether you have one WordPress site or 30 plus, The WP Help has an affordable hosting package waiting for you.

    Whenever a business owner considers starting their much-needed website, the first thing generally to come to mind is the overall cost. Not so long ago it was quite expensive to even obtain a domain name (your .com address) and many hosting options seemed to be aimed at the ‘Daddy Warbucks’ of the business world. While many of today’s eCommerce options are a lot more inclusive and affordable, the cost can still be quite steep if you don’t complete a little homework first.


    Your Domain Name Registration

    In the early days of the internet, a dot-com registration required a 2-year minimum purchase at a minimum of $75 a year - with some places charges much more. The domain name is arguably the most important choice you have to make in this process, and coming up with a good, easy to remember name that isn’t already registered can be a feat onto itself. If you’re lucky enough to find one that isn’t taken you’ll pay an average of $10 a year, but if you’re determined to have one that someone else owns, you could be looking at anywhere from a few hundred bucks, to tens of thousands.

    Another option you have is to select a name with an alternate extension other than .com, such as; .net, .io, .org, .us, .app, .info, .biz and a slew of others. These selections are generally much cheaper, with some going for as little as .99 cents, but there are also a few of the more popular choices that can run upwards of $50 a year.

    It is highly suggested that you take your time on this step, confusing or easily misspelled names can be a huge detriment to your online presence and drastically affect your eCommerce sales. While it may be tempting to opt for the less expensive ‘yourname.online' purchase, it is well known that a large majority of online shoppers will automatically assume that your website ends with either the traditional .com or the new ‘high-end’ domains like .io. So, cutting corners here could very well inadvertently send business to a competitor.


    How Will You Build Your New Home?

    If you are already an accomplished web designer, then this is a no-brainer and you will decide what best suits your website aspirations and save yourself a decent amount of your budget. However, if you’re completely new to owning and designing a website there are a couple options that you can choose from.

    Of course, you can simply hire someone to design, build and maintain your business website but once again the price on this can range anywhere on the spectrum. If you go this route, be sure that you see a portfolio of their previous work and get the quoted price along with the included services in writing.

    WordPress is the new aspiring webmaster’s best friend - making web design cheap (it is an open-source and free download), and user-friendly. WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which simply means that it is designed to help you customize, organize and display the content on your website. This allows you to manage how everything appears on your site, from the header with your business name to your blog posts and even videos.


    Hosting Options

    This is right up there at the top as far as the importance of the decision-making process goes. The pricing options run the full gamut, from free all the way to hundreds or even a couple thousand dollars a month. Selecting a free hosting company for your business website is really discouraged, simply because of the inherent restrictions and total lack of support.

    While there is a virtual ton of ‘helpful’ websites and articles available for WordPress, it can be a daunting task to first find what you need, and then to decipher the instructions. Hundreds of themes are available for free and while these can help with layout, many business owners find that they want to learn more simply so they have more control and flexibility with their site design.

    When selecting hosting for your website, it is important to discern what support options are and are not included. Can you call for support at any time? Are you limited to how much support you receive? Do they monitor uptime? Do they provide off-site backups?

    You also need to know how much space is included in the price and how they handle any bandwidth overages. If they offer ‘unlimited’ anything, be sure you probe to find out exactly what their definition of unlimited is - you may find that they throttle back your speed, charge you excessive ‘overage’ fees, or even shut down access if your traffic exceeds a certain amount.


    The WP Help is The Answer

    With the wonderful advantages of WordPress, having a professional and reliable host that provides exceptional support will ensure that your company website operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. And that’s what The WP Help provides - peace of mind so that you can focus on what’s important; your business.

    With 24-hour support available throughout the year, off-site backups, real-time uptime monitoring and hosting packages suited for any sized business, we provide you with allthe tools you need to be successful. Whether you need a simple page for your side-business, a WordPress host that you can trust, someone to manage your WordPress site or hosting for 30 sites or more, The WP Help is the company you need to call today.