White Label Hosting for beginners!

White Label Web Hosting in simple words is outsourcing web hosting to a wholesale provider, and then resell it to your customers. The supplier will remain anonymous, and the service can be awarded to the agency / brand or reseller.

White label services and products are generally focused on covering wholesale demands. Large suppliers focus on a wholesale Marketing strategy and reach large customers who resell their products or services. Giving them low prices and taking care of providing all the service.

With white label Web Hosting, resellers mainly focus on promoting and reselling services and taking care of the shopping experience. The supplier takes care of all the technical part: have your servers well optimized and updated, and ensure a safe experience with their secure WordPress Hosting and proper functioning of the web pages and services are hosted on the white label servers.

How does the White Label WP Web hosting business work?

It is easy to market with hosting and servers, once you have become familiar with this type of service. The key is to get good suppliers, which demonstrate total trust and experience. Therefore, you should review what exactly each service offers. In the meantime, think about it, search online for customer references and analyze what you need to know what to look for.

Just for facts: around 4 million blog posts are posted online on a daily basis. Among these, there are plenty of white label websites you can find.

The operation of the white label web hosting business is generally based on different resales of storage on servers by a provider. The traditional thing is to acquire a reseller plan, which will allow you to divide the contracted service, and thus create different hosting accounts for your clients.

The WP Help is already offering a white label service to various agencies, you can always reach out to see incredible page speed scores and hosting - prior to even making a buying decision!

So then, how exactly is White Label Web Hosting important?

About 600 websites are created every minute - Yes! That’s right! These websites, in turn, need hosting and domains, also faced with a growing market and a constant demand for storage to host files and information, digital service agencies experience the demand for web storage services.

So, to take advantage of this demand, agencies and digital studios usually outsource service and resell them to their clients since the economic benefits are immediate.

Now, you can easily opt for a cheap hosting provider that is using shared servers for hosting plenty of websites, prone to getting malicious attacks, very low page speed scores resulting in fewer website visitors and losing the potential audience. There’s a lot more where that came from!

With The WP Help, you get a complete package where your hosting, maintenance and all sorts of edits needed for managing a website are done on the back-end while you as an agency can take credit for it and work on what you guys do best, leave the technical stuff for the techies! WordPress Web Hosting cost is comparatively greater than shared and dedicated hosting but the benefits are ample!

Furthermore, selling an additional service to your customers will help you position your brand more and reach another segment of consumers. They can later become customers of your specific services that your company focuses on. Absolute win!

Offering a service or product that is quite demanded can even be seen as a necessity. If we do not provide these services to our customers, we will run the risk of leaving our competition.

So first of all, web agencies, design agencies, advertising, content, and marketing in general – they need to outsource web hosting and cloud storage services for their customers. But they go to white label agencies so that the new services also have their own label and credits.

Benefits of reselling white label WordPress web hosting

The key in the white label hosting business is to get a hosting provider, which can offer you good service, quality, and effective customer support. Following are the many pros of opting for a white-label service for your web hosting needs:

  • You only need basic knowledge in terms of hosting and internet marketing to undertake in this business. Since the suppliers will take care of all the technical aspects of this business.
  • You can start a business with relatively little money, and the benefit is immediate.
  • We can further retain your customers to your brand and prevent them from seeking this service in the competition.
  • As you evolve in the business, you can make improvements in the service and request more and better resources from the servers of your white label hosting providers.
  • You can reach a new sector and attract new customers to whom you can later sell other products of your brand.
  • These services are renewed annually, so you will have a prolonged and closer relationship with your clientele. You will have at your disposal your customers to offer them more services and do better business with them.

How to choose a good white label web hosting provider?

When choosing a white label web hosting provider, a series of key guidelines and characteristics must be taken into account, which will be decisive for the optimal running of the hosting service you want to offer.

If you choose a wrong supplier, offering the white label service can become a double-edged sword. Well, if something goes wrong, your brand will suffer the consequences of bad service. Therefore, when choosing a hosting provider, keep in mind:

Disk space

It is just the amount of space available for storage that your white label web hosting providers offer you. You need free space to store all the files that your clients require in the cloud.

You know that the hosting company is good when it offers different amounts of space for different proportions of websites; both for customized and smaller sites, and for more complex sites.


In a nutshell, bandwidth is the flow of data that a website can transfer over a certain period of time. This will determine the speed at which your clients' web pages work.

The higher the bandwidth, the faster the loading speed. There is a certain white label hosting that offers as much bandwidth as the one you use on your website. In case you want to design a page with a considerable number of images and videos, you will need good disk space and bandwidth to carry it forward.


It represents the percentage of time that the hosting service is active and running. For example, 99.99% uptime means that your website will be down for about 8 hours a year. While 98% uptime is the equivalent of the page being dropped for about a week per year.

And if payment transactions are made on your website or it is related to any business you have going on, remember that the less uptime you will have greater losses.

Customer service

It is one of the main and most important features that must be taken into account when selecting a white label hosting service.

The technical support provided to the client through chats, by telephone or by mail, it is of great help in case of any inconvenience or problem that the website presents.

Keep this in mind and study this aspect of your provider with a magnifying glass. Since by providing a service as an intermediary, and it can result in a lot of problems presented by the storage of pages of your users. You will have to go through your query and then the provider's response.

Final word...

We have covered the main benefits of white label web hosting and understand that it can be an interesting way to earn some revenue and optimize your internet presence. More and more blogs and websites are interested in such ventures, and the hosting providers around the world are keen about making their services top tier in efforts to offer great services.

White-label is THE FUTURE!

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